Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are We This Dumb?

 I mean really? Are we? Have we been so dumbed down that we lack all critical thinking skills in this nation and can't see a threat until it's chewing on our leg? Are we so naive as to believe we can trust our government with ANYTHING?

The bombing of the Boston Marathon was not terror, it was murder. Stop with the emotional labeling and call it what it is. Terrorism is for making a point, and when one commits an act of terror, one takes credit for it, and tells the world why it was committed. The act PLUS the taking credit and explaining the actions is what makes an act, terrorism. Destructive acts in which people are killed yet no one claims credit are murderous acts, not terror, as there is no attempt to make a point. It's been two days, no one has taken credit, this was murder, not terror.

Good now that we have that straitened out lets move on to the elephant in the room. For years the "conservative" media has been warning us about progressives. They tell us to look at history,and use history as a guide. They warn us that progressives will use any means they believe they can get away with to further their agenda. "Conservative" media sources have pointed out, as I have, that many of the actions of Obama and his cohorts resemble the actions of past dictators. These actions were used to grab more power and control. They all cry "WARNING" and so do I, we are in a hell of a lot of trouble. They warn us not to give in to gun control, and we shouldn't, I've explained what happens if we do. They tell us not to allow for more and more regulation, and warn us about the use of the healthcare system to control every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave. And they are correct in their warning. I've been warning of the same.

These same "conservatives" point back to history. Stalin, Hitler and Mao took the guns, and look what happened. Nazi's used the healthcare system to control and destroy. They got the idea from American Eugenicists (how terrifying is that?). Even FDR rounded up Japanese American's. At least he didn't kill them like Hitler did the Jews.

But when it comes to False Flag events, or the very mention of one, these "conservatives" suddenly buddy up to the government, swallow the official story with mouths wide open, and instantly deride, ostracize, and berate anyone who claims that the big lovable government could never do any thing to hurt us poor widdle citizens, cause they love us soooo much.