Monday, March 26, 2012

The Right to Defend our Rights

I do not know what exactly happened there in Florida that lead to the death of a young man, but my argument here does not reside in those details.

That some would use this boy's death to suggest, or even demand that "Stand your ground" (SYG) laws should be rescinded is beyond absurd.
If we have an unalienable right to life and liberty then by the same logic we have the right to defend that life and liberty or the right means nothing. If he was murdered, the SYG laws are not applicable. If he attacked the man who killed him with what could reasonably be considered brutal intent, then the killing was justified. Those that attack your life, by logical inverse, are forfeiting their own. That is the basic logic of law: that violation of another's rights is then punishable by elimination of the offender's rights.

With self defense, the one being attacked is having their most basic right, that is the right to life, threatened and in the moment of attack is rightly justified in killing their attacker if they posses the means. However, if they are successful at thwarting an attack without lethality, it would be wholly inexcusable to chase down their would-be attacker and kill them. They would then be the aggressor, and the murderer. It is only in the moment of the attack that the right to defense comes into play. The right to liberty is at work in standing your ground. You should fear no man, nor be intimidated to flee a public area. Standing your ground is defense of liberty, defending yourself from attack is defense of life, liberty, and every other right a human being innately expresses, for by losing your life you lose all other rights as well.

Thus, the clamoring to rid us of SYG laws because some one may have used it as an excuse to murder another human being is as foolish as abolishing anti-murder laws because some one was unjustly convicted. My statement above points to the real problem. Those that wish us to have to flee instead of defend ourselves ultimately are the same people who try to suppress free speech, attack Christianity at every turn, and yell racist, homophobe, or
misogynist when they are outwitted.

In short they are calling for a loss of freedom and are either misguided or out to abolish freedom and promote tyranny.

I'll say it again, Stand Your Ground laws (and the Castle doctrine for that matter) are as necessary as laws prohibiting murder (and breaking and entering). If you eliminate the legal ability of self defense, you are promoting murder.

But then this is about freedom, not murder. There are thousands of murders all across this country every year. Why is this one singled out? Simple: there is political gain to be had at the expense of our freedom. Our government is currently headed by a socialist dictator who has done more to harm our freedom than any single man before him. Those in his administration jump at every opportunity to destroy our freedom and obviously saw this as a way to strip away another one. Pray in earnest that they are not successful.

God Bless America, God Bless Freedom!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's in a VP?

Here's what I don't get. What's in a VP? Does the VP really matter? Well more to the point, why do people think the VP selection matters? I don't mean to say it doesn't matter at all, or that it's inconsequential, but it troubles me to see people who say "I couldn't vote for _____ until he chose ____." You fill in the blanks. I heard this with Mcain, and I'm hearing it again with Romney, and to a lesser extend Santorum.

So let me get this strait: you couldn't vote for the candidate because you dont' like him, don't agree with his policies, etc. But as soon as he selects some one as his VP that you would actualy want for president, all of a sudden it's ok to vote for some one you dissagree with?

What kind of twisted, illogical decision making is that? It's like saying "oh i hated how that car drove, but once i saw it with the wood trim i had to buy it!" How does the wood trim affect the performance of the car? The VP has no real power unless the president is incapacitated.

I'm not saying the VP doesn't matter at all, no it's important that person be a person you agree with AS WELL. But that AS WELL is critical. The VP isn't going to change who the President is, or how he/she runs things.

The vice president doesn't set policy, doesn't sign legislation into law, does't comand the military, and doesn't make selections for the Supreme Court. The VP position is, as has been stated many times, the most the useless position in the government. In modern times the position basicaly serves as a representative of the president, and not much else.

So if you can't stand the presidential candidate, and don't trust his policies, and won't vote for them as he or she stands alone, how does a VP change your vote? The VP will have to follow marching orders from the President. They will have little to no say over the presidents policies, especialy when you consider that most VP selections are either out of political turn, or to get your vote. Once in office the president can, and will, do what they were going to do any way. The candidate is making a political move with the selection, don't fall for it. If you won't vote for them alone, don't vote for them in company. A turd with whip cream on it is not a brownie.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Respect, They Have None

The anger this picture stirs within me cannot be expressed in words worth writing here. I struggle to control my anger in the face of such utter contempt and disrespect for our nations flag. Have they no respect at all?

How dare they elevate one man to the level of honor that Old Glory has earned. She didn't get her respect automatically, she has earned it by the sweat of the common man who poured his soul into his work, and by the blood of patriots, men and women, all to often young enough to still be called boys and girls, who died, or were horribly maimed defending the freedom the American Flag stands for.

It is the people behind the Flag that earn the respect that makes men remove their hats, and soldiers proudly salute when the Colors pass bye. It isn't the lack of respect for the flag from which the problem stems, it's a lack of respect for the people who worked and fought for the respect that is represented by the flag.

Setting a persona onto a flag is a representation of tyrannical rule. The flag of our nation stands for the people who have helped to make it great. We salute and honor the flag because of those people, not because of the fabric of the flag or the federal government, nor the president. We love our country because our country is all the people we love, and the principals we aspire to. Setting a persona, a portrait of any one on the flag is to set that person up above the people and the principles that made this nation great.

The President is an elected official, he serves us, and no servant is greater than the master. Yet these people, with this flag, are setting Obama above us all, and above all our principals. This is disrespect of the most egregious kind.

They despise us, they despise our constitution, they despise all that makes us who we are, and this, this defamation is beyond belief. Don't think for a moment this is a mistake or an ill conceived publicity stunt. No, this is intentional, this is their intent! They want this, and Obama wants this. He has already been acting as a dictator using executive orders to go around congress and congress hasn't stopped him. He continues to say he will go around congress as much as he can whenever they don't do what he wants.

These people have the right to their free speech, and the right to disrespect us all they want, but don't be blind to what is really going on. Tyranny is working it's way into our land at an alarming rate. Public displays such as these are only symptoms of an underlying problem.

Pray for the country, never stop praying for our country!

God Bless America!