Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rats Abandon a Sinking Ship First

Did you hear the latest round of rats jumping off the sinking ship that is Obamacare? Bill Clinton calling for Obama to live up to his promise that if a person liked their healthcare they could keep it. That's a major blow to the whole system.

Obamacare is a giant eugenicist wet dream of a ponzi scheme. The rest of this paragraph is written from their perspective not mine. This plan make it's money on the young 20-30 somethings who are the least productive but healthiest individuals, so they are milked dry. They are least likely to need the care, so all the money can go to service the highest productivity bracket; the middle aged working class (40-55 years old). Infants and elderly are left for dead if they get sick as they don't add to society.

This whole thing only works if the vast majority of healthy young people pay for coverage they don't need, in order to service the individuals who are currently sick. It raises every ones premiums because every one has to pay for birth control coverage, maternity care, and a host of other coverage options they don't need or want in many cases, all to generate extra money to cover the sick, who have to pay even more, because they are sick. You might not be denied coverage anymore, but good luck paying for what they offer you.

It's sick, it's inhuman, and Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Marx, and many others are cheering from the bleachers in hell as they watch the spectacle unfold. But let me get back to my main point now that I've explained this.

Clinton knows this is how the system is rigged. He knows what he's saying will destroy Obamacare. He was the first rat to see the ship was sinking and jumped off. Can you say "Hillary 2016"?

Then there is John Mcain. Our once honorable hero who sold his soul to the devil came out saying the entire bill should be repealed.

These are the highest profile rats to jump ship, but rumors are that many democratic senators have begun distancing themselves from Obamacare.

It's only a matter of time before we have another repeal showdown. The problem is, the Republicans don't want to really repeal it, they want to put their own plan in it's place.

To really defeat this, it's all about the mid terms. I don't care what the party affiliation is, we must as a people look at the person we are voting for. Who are they? What made them who they are? What is their personal record to backup what they claim they will do once in office? And most importantly, where is their faith? If they are not resting their trust firmly on the sovereignty of God, there is no hope that they will stay strong among the temptations of power present in Washington.

Sending a currently honest politician who lacks a strong commitment to Jesus Christ into DC is like throwing dead meat to pack of wolves. Righteousness is the only way we get out of this.

Sic Semper Tyranis