Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Evil is before Us, Open Your Eyes

Christians seam to have an incredibly hard time seeing Satan unless he's in plain view. We don't live in reality. The Bible tells us the spirit world is more real than, and is the driving force of, the physical world. It also tells us that you can serve either God or Satan, and choosing not to serve God is a choice to serve Satan. Thus the spiritual realm is the driving force that shapes the physical world. 
Human beings are the interface by which the physical world is shaped. It's why God works through people. He gave us dominion over the physical universe in the beginning, and not only does He choose to work through us, this dominion granted to us forces Satan and his minions to also work through humans to effect their plans.

Furthermore Satan and his minions are not creative beings, only human's were gifted thus, and as such Satan can only copy, he can never innovate, and the Bible confirms this by using language such as "anti-christ" and counterfeit, and constant imagery of light and darkness to demonstrate that all of Satan's domain is based upon a perverted and inverted copy of God's ways.

This would dictate, that just as God promises a host of blessings to His people if they follow His ways, Satan would offer rewards to those who worship him. Since one cannot serve both, this leads to only one conclusion: if a human being has come into a position of influence, power, wealth, etc be it pastor, police officer, mayor, CEO, dictator, or any other like position, that person arrived there because of who they serve.

This paints a world view, that while Biblically accurate, is nonetheless disturbing to Christians. This Biblical world view says that any one in power who is advancing an agenda that is evil is serving Satan, and the higher up the ladder they are, the more likely it is they know they are serving Satan instead of being just a useful crony/idiot. This is logical because, Satan wants to be worshiped, and thus it would make perfect sense for him to reward those directly worshiping him far more than those who are just useful idiots, or corrupt, but oblivious to his reality.

This world view is also condemning, because it demands action on the part of the Christian, to speak out against these people, pray against their satanic agendas, and most terrifying of all, step out of our comfort zones and onto the battlefield entering into arena's of business, politics, schools, media, entertainment, religion, and society to face these people head on, and promote a God driven agenda.

However, much of what I just listed has been scorned by the church as evil and dirty things that good Christians should stay away from. Some even go so far as to claim that evil in government should be, not just accepted, but obeyed. There is no Biblical support for this. Give it just a little logical thought. No where in the Bible can you find a commandment that tells you to do evil when ordered so. The entire Bible is about resisting evil, not obeying it. Yet Christians, desperate to stay away from actually having to do something meaningful in this world, twist scripture.

Thus, this Biblical world view, who millions would agree with in word, is quickly condemned by the same people when they see others walk out it's ramifications by seeking positions in business and politics, media, entertainment, etc. The Bible warns that at the judgement there will be many who cry out to the lord having preached and done great miracles in His name, yet He will condemn them saying He never knew them. Now, this warning has always puzzled me. I mean, if the people are performing miracles in God's name and preaching His good news, how could they not know Him? I think I finally have my answer, and it comes, sadly, from the American church, who preaches God's word, share's the message of salvation, yet bends over to take it in the rear whenever the devil walks by. It's truly befuddling behavior.

I'm incredibly greatful these people were not the majority in the late 1700s or the USA would never have come to be. All the Christians would have been saying we have to obey the king of England, and submit to the soldiers.
Bull ticky. No where in the Bible are we required to submit to perversion. This is not martyrdom. We are not being slain for the preaching of the good news, we are being persecuted because we are free, and evil people worshiping Satan want to turn us into serfs.

In the USA the people are the sovereign of the state, not the governments. Thus if the government is perverse, the onus is on us to fix it by getting involved. We must step up and fight vote corruption, fight for voter ID, fight for fair and unintimidated polls, and when we get to those polling stations, we MUST vote for those men and women with whom we share values, not political affiliations. The parties will slaughter us! It is our values we must adhere to, NOT the parties!

This brings us to business. You cannot fully take back politics until you control the money running politics. Is it not better for the Christians to be in control of the wealth? Don't give me this crap of money being evil. Money is a tool. God Himself called it good, go read Genesis. He calls 8 things good in the beginning, the last one is gold, so stuff that into your wealth hating mantra and spend it.

What of media? Why do Christians reject getting involved in media, and then complain about how everything in media is anti-chrisitian? No duh. Get involved. Spread God across the globe on the nightly news!

Entertainment? Christians should be the most dynamic and creative force on the planet, so why are we putting up with the perversion in entertainment? Katy Perry worshiped Satan on live TV, in concert last month. This is getting out of hand.

I could go on and on, but the basics come down to this. Each of us is called to be some person of importance in the Kingdom of God. Not everyone is called to be a pastor, missionary, or martyr. Most of us are called to the very real battlefields in the world of business, politics, media, entertainment, and education, and if we don't accept that, embrace those callings, and have the support for those callings from our local churches, this country is going to hell in a hand basket in the most literal sense.

If you want to make a change, right now this day, then take a hint from the Bible. "Be still and know that I am God." Take time every day, even if it's just 5 minutes (though longer is better) and find a quiet place by yourself and be still, and recognize His sovereignty, and ask Him to make you like Him. If you do this, you won't need any more instructions from anyone else. And again, even if it's just 5 minutes, put on a song and worship Him. This will change your life, and this nation.